17 August 2019

Love Letter To God

Father, where are you leading me?

I am confused. I am worried.

I am confused of what I will do next. There are many options but it is risky for me. I am confused if I am really for it.  I have been asking myself lately of my purpose here on earth.

They say something better is coming.

Yet, I have many worries.

I worry that I cannot provide for my family’s financial needs. I worry that I am being left behind; they are almost at the finish line while I am yet to begin.

I worry that I won’t be able to run to save my family and friends, let alone myself.

Most of all, I worried if the things that I say and do please you. Have I giving it my all?

Still I am consoled by Your eternal love. You never abandoned your children. You always send  Your angels for help. I pray that I may always please you, and that You’re my will be according to Your plan.

I trust you. I love you.

Your confused and worried daughter

26 September 2018

9 Reasons To Be Grateful

I would like to begin by saying that I am grateful that you are here.

These days so much had been going on with life and on this earth that we live in; so much that I am not watching the news in TV anymore unless I want to know the weather situation. Despite all of these I am surprised with myself that I am staying positive. I no longer complain if things did not go my way. It must have been the effect of my recent attendance at the Metro Manila Regional Conference of SFC. 

04 August 2018


Don't hate yourself. Falling in love is in not an act of stupidity. Never!  You just happened to stumble the wrong person or maybe, just maybe, both of you were at the wrong place at a wrong time.

03 July 2018

To That Guy

To that guy,

Please bear with me as I gather my guts and put on my brave face

To save myself from false hopes, disappointments, and heartbreak I would like to know what do these all mean:

  good mornings and good nights,
  asking my opinion in politics,
  letting me decide where to eat lunch,
  midnight calls just because,
  consistent visits,
  letters, and hugs?

Your moves make me feel that I am your favorite person. You have my attention. 

Let’s save ourselves from the drama. Let’s be honest and stop this chase. What do these all mean?

Am I wrong to assume that this could be a start of something beautiful?

Let me know.



Photo by Will Cornfield on Unsplash

07 April 2018

To A Brokenhearted Man

to a brokenhearted man

What wise words can we say to you?

It is always you who have something sensible to say. If it's not within ourselves, sometimes it is you who would remind us that everything is part of life and everything that we are going through shall pass. And, that every situation is only difficult in the beginning if we persevere.
Maira Gall