24 February 2017

Ex - Lovers

Circumstances separated both of them.

He feels bad that he keep her waiting on date night. His family needed him the most at that time. He loves her so much that he cannot bear to see her lonely.

29 January 2017

What Have I Become?

Last December a photo of my college graduation appeared on my Facebook timeline. It has been five years since, and as for high school graduation it would be ten years this 2017.

Looking back I never put much thought of what will I become. The main goal was to graduate and get a job after. I don't have specific plans. Unlike to some of my friends, who I think, figured out their plans earlier. I keep thinking that I am waiting for things to happen. Now, I ask myself after waiting without concrete actions and plans, "What have I become?" Maybe going with the flow should have not taken hundred percent seriously.

07 December 2016

Book Review: Career Crossover From Where You Are To Where You Should Be by Venchito Tampon Jr.

One morning I received an email from Venchito asking if I can do a review of his upcoming book. After exchanging emails and checking his background through the links attached I said yes. He then sent me a digital copy of the manuscript of the book.

27 November 2016

Snaps from Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Even in our way to Tanay, Rizal I felt that something would capture my heart. I ignored the car sickness because there were mountains, trees, goats, horses, mountaineers, bikers, and flowers to see.

22 November 2016


To All,

I am writing to ask for something which I think, would be difficult to comply especially  if you are  a compulsive hoarder. May this letter be a part of your process of letting go. Let go of the things that might be useful to others. Little by little separate the things you wish to keep longer. I know that you hold on to some trinkets because you want to keep the memory alongside. I respect your reasons but I need you to hear me.
Maira Gall