10 February 2018

A Valentine Story

As I write this paragraph, there are only six days until Valentine’s Day. I’m curious how Valentine is to some people so I asked my friends to share their Valentine story. Majority of them responded that they have no story to tell but I was fortunate that I never stop asking until I received a confirmation that a story will be sent to me.

Here are the stories of pancakes, black valentine, and an almost accident. May these inspire you to live life in the moment, especially on important occasions. 

PANCAKES by Hazel Asoy

Valentine's day, though not an official holiday, is still celebrated by many. I love Valentine's day because it's the day when most of our high school teachers will task us to create Valentine's cards we can give to our friends. I do love receiving Valentine's cards and reading mushy messages from my friends and classmates.

However, it all changed when I experienced being in a relationship. Valentine's day became a not-so-good day for me because I always end up being single before Valentine's.

So, when I had an (ex) boyfriend whom I can celebrate Valentine's day with, I got pretty excited. Maybe, too excited I stressed myself thinking what should I do or prepare for my (ex) boyfriend. But the day before Valentine's, I settled for a pancake.

That day, I saved my allowance so I can buy pancake ingredients. It's my first time to make pancakes and I'm not good when it comes to following directions. In the midst of cooking, I end up burning a piece while the other pancakes end up crumbled. Knowing that I only have a few hours before my next class and to give it to him, panic starts to sink in. It' a total disaster but I have to carry on and prepare something for him.

Instead of whining over a pancake of failure, I got a small plastic tub and arranged the crumbled pancakes at the bottom, drizzled with chocolate syrup and top it with the perfectly shaped yet burned pancake. At the end, it looks like a mango graham cake.

Prepping the pancake isn't really the highlight of that day. The taste test with the unlucky subject is. When we met in my favorite tambayan, I hesitantly offered the pancake. I know that it's not an Instagram-worthy pancake but I hoped that, at the very least, he would appreciate the effort I exerted. Well, he's nice enough to act that he liked it. He ends up eating everything and telling me that it tastes good though he looks like he will puke everything he ate that day.

Hazel is a Registered Criminologist, working as a full – time Technical Support Associate. She also runs a blog called Wannderzel.

07 January 2018

Things I am Afraid Of

 I am not sure where to begin.  I have to pause there. I am not lying I am just typing continuously until I come up with something. It’s been a while since I posted here in the blog or shall I say It’s been a while since have written, not even a complete paragraph. I am not sure.

01 December 2017

His Favorite Girl

Ole! Ole!  A la la la la la la la la.

I can’t find the right description. Oh right!

My best friend has found his new favorite girl.  

I knew he had because he no longer calls at midnight. He no longer asks if I’ve arrived safely at work. He no longer teases me with my fandom with Korean dramas. He no longer practices archery with me.

I knew he had. This happened before. Usually, he would not show up for a week but it had been a month now.

16 November 2017

Life Lately + Looking For Mr. Right

Being a bridesmaid needs agility.

There is no doubt that I am busy these days. I am trying my best to show up whenever I am wanted and needed. I am not usually home 24/7. I think my parents are getting used to my schedule.

 So life lately:

01 October 2017

To That Guy Who Stopped Asking When

I regretted it.

The very first day you said hello I should have been wise with my answer. I should have asked you directly about your intention.

I panicked thinking all about the possibilities. Then I was afraid that you would never see me again after. Insecurities sink through. I doubted myself. I keep on asking why it was you and not him. Why it was not the person that I like. Why you of all people?

When you stopped asking when the question I had intensified.

Now it felt awkward whenever I see you online. I can't say hi.

I blamed myself for expecting too much. We never had the chance to be acquainted. 

I think, at that time, we were two souls trying to look for possibilities. I was taking my time and you were impatient.

My friends said that you were asking about me. They said that you are coming home again this year.

What are we going to do when we see each other?

Maira Gall