26 December 2013


        On my way home I saw a kitten in the middle of the road, a road full of speeding cars and busy people. The kitten was trying to cross the lane but cars won’t let him. He was wet and trembling a sign that he struggle the heavy rain this day. I knew he is afraid but still he pursue to cross the lane. When he saw a car approaching he stop and bent his head. Probably, drivers do not notice this little fellow because they just speed up to catch the green light. When the car is gone the kitten he would rise his head slowly – slowly, and take a hurried walk.

I witnessed him make it into the middle of the road after surviving with the four cars. Unfortunately, I was not able to know if that little fellow manages to survive. The jeepney that I am riding was being called for illegal parking. That fellow must been very hungry. He must been aiming for the leftover foods at my side of the road.

Whenever I passed by the street I still remember that incident. I wonder if he survives. Knowing that he make it in to the middle without being hit if he continue being brave and determined. I know he would live. 

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Maira Gall