28 January 2014


Had I known corridor would be that busy
During significant time of my study
I should have rehearse more on my accuracy
Before going to classroom fifty two that day

Relief was in me as I saw familiar face
Our ten o’clock class is like a reunion
Reunion of friends and emotions is what I trace
Hoping I can portray it using a crayon

Or sketch it with Da Vinci’s hairy stick
When suddenly a man older than us walks in
He who speaks authority no one should break
He who acknowledge essence of time discipline 

He who destroys the view, creates lovely canvass
Add character to my imaginary portrait
Makes me close my lips, makes me open my ear’s pass
Right here from my troubled chair to his cozy seat

As I look around I hear deafening silence
Reminds me of a story he proves wrong
A story, a lie which I praise at all means
A reunion that will be like an endless song


This poem was a requirement for one of my classes in college, Literature. In order to apply the Figurative Language our teacher, Sir Sagnip, told as to write a poem about our experience in our first day in his class. With the following conditions:

1.       The title should be in one word and English.
2.       There should be four lines in every stanza.
3.       The poem should consist of five stanzas.
4.       Each stanza should be written with a figurative language specified:
·         First stanza – Personification
·         Second Stanza – Simile
·         Third Stanza – Metonymy
·         Fourth Stanza - Antithesis
·         Fifth Stanza - Irony
5.       Deadline is on our next meeting, which is Tuesday but if we can submit earlier than the given deadline additional points will be added to our grade.
6.       It should be handwritten in print.

               The fifth condition was a very good reason to keep my other classmates to work on their poem. Who does not want additional points? I remember my classmates’ serious group discussion on libraries, while waiting for our next room, and on way home. I heard them testing the words “tiger” and “fierce” for second stanza.

                I watched them finished their poem while I am in deep concentration on my piece. I have been writing free verse poetry before but no one ever dictates me on what to write. As it is, I consider it a challenge. I manage to submit my poem on the given deadline, without the incentive. At that time until now I believe that poetry written without your heart is a different result they will just be stanzas. Though, by the fifth condition I have learned that circumstances should be considered.

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