12 January 2014


Front cover of Bulfinch's Mythology

Bulfinch’s Mythology is a modern abridgment by Edmund Fuller. This contains three volumes of Thomas Bulfinch’s three books: 1. The Age of Fable, 2. The Age of Chivalry, and 3. Legends of Charlemagne.

            The first time I heard a full story in this book when I was in high school. I sure glad that it was part of the curriculum. As a story lover and a book worm I was stunned that an apple can start a war such a little thing that can cause uproar between nations. I am referring about the Trojan War. I always ask questions but time was very limited when you have many subjects to study.

            This is the first book that I have purchased with my own hard earned money and has been in my possession for five years now.  It serves as my lullaby at nights when things are restless for me. It is the medicine of my rejections. It is the hope of my romance. I never thought Cupid has his own love story.  Whereupon the author decides to give him a happy ending, so far the happy love story in the book as per my understanding.

 I have learned that we owe some part of what we believe in to previous literature. We owe some big thank you to the original author to the ideas of the movies and books that have been created. This is the book you ought to have if you want to understand King Arthur, Percy Jackson, Thor, Sparta 300, and so on.

How about you what is your first book?


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