15 January 2014



            I would like to share my unforgettable movies so far, before I start watching new shows. You have to know that whenever I watch movies I focused on the story itself, the banter of the characters, the lesson it teaches me. Unintentionally, I failed to remember the names of the directors, actors, actresses, producers, writers, and the rest of the production team. Whoever they are kudos to them. They created movies that strike through my heart and mind.

            There are many of them but I have deduced the list according to reasons.

Forrest Gump – the story started from little Forrest and ended with daddy Forrest.
It was narrated by Forrest himself while waiting for his bus to Jenny’s address. He told his life story to strangers – who are also waiting for their bus. He is a man with many accomplishments despite of his disability. He became an important player of his college football team, received honor after saving many lives in the battle field, became a goodwill ambassador between China by playing ping pong, and a successful business man. The gratifying success in all of them is due to running.

It introduces new idea of running. See how it would change a thing in you.  Forrest was only doing the thing which he was good at, running. Go figure my reason.

A Walk To Remember – a love story of Landon and Jamie.

This is the first movie that I actually cry. This is the first movie I watched that the heroine died.

Breaking Dawn Part I – the first part of the installment of the movie which is the fourth sequel of the movie The Twilight Saga based on a novel written by Stephanie Meyer. The Twilight Saga is a love story of Edward who is a vampire and Bella Swan a mortal who had a best friend name Jacob a werewolf. In Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella is married and expecting a baby which is unusual for a couple of a vampire and a mortal. Bella’s health is in danger because of the pregnancy. Poor Edward. And there’s the pack (the family of Jacob) who thinks that the baby is too dangerous for humans.

 Believe it or not this is the first movie I watched in theater courtesy of my    friend Rochelle I have been content renting VCD’s back then.

50 First Dates - starring Drew Barrymore as Lucy and Adam Sandler (I forgot his name). Adam’s character is a playboy. Every girl he dates has always good story to tell about him. It was like a routine for him (which I think) until, he meets Lucy they immediately had it. But the twist was Lucy has short time amnesia. She only remembers a certain day whereupon supposedly, based on Lucy’s memory every tomorrow is her dad’s birthday. Lucy’s condition does not stop Adam Sandler’s character in falling in love with her. He wins her heart every day. The good news in the story is that they find a way for them to be together.

Before I have seen the movie I only know one kind of amnesia - that kind of amnesia where you completely forget about yourself. I have no idea about the possibility that after a great trauma our brain can only process new information for at least a minute. I have no idea that there are different kinds of amnesia.  

Also, Adam Sandler’s character (I wish I remember his name in the movie) sends an absurd idea in me. What if we try to act like his character? Instead of asking for another chance maybe we should introduce ourselves again, in a manner that can steer a good start. Rather than being monotonous why don’t we try something else until we find a solution and sense of fulfilment?


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