09 January 2014


I’ve been seeing this TV commercial in a local channel which is operated by a religious group for a month now.  In fact, one sure reason I click back to the channel because of the TV commercial itself not the daily programs. Unlike any other commercials running in the other stations, it does not require TV enthusiast to spend a centavo. Surely the company or the organization that put up the ad would not be able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign through consumer’s rating. They probably pour out their unerring trust upon us to recall the things that we might have forgotten.

The advertisement is divided to different series according to a value. The first time I saw it I thought it was a teaser for one of their program. I was not always on that channel so I let it deliver.

A group of football players enter (I think they are, because they are big guys carrying that helmet easily associated to a football player and they a have a paint of stripes on their face.) in a locker room talking to each other loudly, certainly about their game. Then the camera pans to an old man answering a phone call, he turns to the group and handed the phone to a big guy. Big guy get the phone.

Big Guy: Hello.
Pause (The caller is talking.)

Big Guy: Right now?
Big Guy pauses and started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider (If you ever been a kid of course you know what Itsy Bitsy Spider is.), while doing the action – you know. Other players stopped talking and walked towards Big Guy. Then the scene shift to the location of the caller. It was her sweet little girl, giggling because her daddy granted her request.

Little Girl: I love you daddy.

Big Guy: I love you baby.

At the end of the phone call the other players started teasing him. But it was good teasing. They all started laughing – real happiness. In fact one of the guy, laugh showing of a missing tooth. In which, I think added reality to the story.

Big Guy: What? That was my little girl.

It ended with a text that encourages everyone to pass on LOVE.

Now, that was something I did not see often a father passing on his love to his daughter without feeling awkward. The love was presented in a manner that we already now but in a different situation. It was in a TV commercial. Flicking back to the regular channel I watched I wonder where the good ads go.

I am very well informed on how an advertisement should be. The very first it was conceptualized by the creative team either from the company’s marketing department or a creative agency. The moment it was approved and waiting for the feedback of the consumer.

I am very much aware what works in public consumer. Those are the advertisements that run on the popular channels. They are very effective. The endorsers are worth paying for, the tag line is good in which I adore the creative team for such thinking and good execution. In fact, I buy some of the products that I used because it was well presented and explained in an advertisement.

Well of course, we see ad that manifest love and other values in the popular channel. But what I am missing much are the ads that do not worry about the return of the investment (ROI). An advertisement that would simply reminds us of something we have forgotten. An advertisement that would make our money’s worth. An ad that strikes us unintentionally on whatever we believe.

Perhaps, it is timing I am failing to see.

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