01 February 2014


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Hello, February year 2007! I was sixteen years old. It was that time of the year again. Everyone is anxious. A school dance is being organized – JS prom as what they call it.  Do I get a date with someone or not? Honestly, not my major concern. I am sure glad that the dress code for the dance is our school uniform. Yup, school uniform on a prom; it is how it is when you are bound to comply with the rules of a very conservative campus ruled by nuns. Besides, I have many things going on in my mind:

One, there was this final dance in our P.E. class wherein I have no choice but dance, worst is it was a paired dance. With my history in dancing, I prayed that my partner would not back out on me. That final dance was significant; it is to determine my good chance in passing high school. If I remember it correctly the dance that was picked for us is called Paso doble. Imagine how I motivate myself, a rejected dancer during elementary who does not even know how to perfect a simple Square Dance. Lucky for me I had known confidence – confidence in myself and in my dance partner that he would not drop me as we twirl. Aside from knowing confidence I had this mantra, “Get it done. They won’t remember a thing of your mishaps when you see each other after ten years. Get it done.”

Two, I was appointed as a student teacher. My ever dear P.E. teacher had so much faith on my capabilities. As a tradition, once every year all teachers will be relaxing on the faculty room while their selected students take over with their classes. Lessons are given, and the rest is up to the student teacher’s style.

Three, I am almost done in high school. We are graduating. Majority of the class know where they are going. They made up their mind on what course they are enrolling while I am clueless on where I am headed after I get my high school diploma.

Four, my crush is still my crush. Nothing changes except on a brief understanding on a possible friendship.

Five, though It is not certain where I am headed, one thing had been decided I am off to the big city – Manila. Undoubtedly, I will miss the place, the beach, the old church, lunch getaway, the black kitten, and my aunt. I have not yet dug the solid soil where I would bury some of my mementos.

These are all happening in speed of the twenty eight days of February. One mistake, one wrong decision, one change in my usual dialogue in any of the five that I mentioned will change everything. It might add to my unresolved thought. For instance, if my confidence on the success of the final dance passes something on my bravado on talking to my crush, I bet it would be a good spice in my story.

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