30 April 2014


My two shades of lipstick and a lip balm

If you do not own a make – up kit not even a lipstick I suggest you purchase one now. If you still insist that natural face is better, well, in that I agree. Yet, I encourage you to have one and learn the basic in putting make – up. Believe me, that attitude won’t work not until you step in the word of the working public either as a full time employee or a freelancer.

I would like to share an incident that changed my perspective in having some colors in my face. In short, the moment I was slapped by the truth I was ignoring.

This happened when I was looking for a job. I was being interviewed by the female HR of a recruitment agency located in Makati. I have answered all her questions with confident, narrated some work experiences, so she decided to refer me to their client on that same day. I gave it a go hoping that I will get a job in one day.

But the problem was when she said, “When you get there I want you to look presentable. Please apply some make – up. “
My only response was, “Yes I will. Thank you.”

I leave the office wondering how in the big world I am going to fix myself given the short period of time. I only carry a loose powder and two shades of lipstick with me. While I was in the jitney I have think of a solution to my problem. I would find a store nearby, buy what I need, and if there is a sales lady or make – up consultant I would let her do my make – up. The solution will work surely if only I have a big amount of money in my wallet.

You know what I do? I went inside a fast food’s comfort room locked myself in about twenty minutes. I emerged with a light eye shadow and a blushing cheek. I used my lipsticks. Thank goodness they are two shades: the brown for my eyes and the red for my cheek.

   1. Toffee Cream lipstick of Maybelline  
   2. Coral Pink lipstick of Maybelline
   3. Anti - oxidant Berry Lip Balm of Maybelline 
   4. AVON Mascara 
   5. AVON Black  Eye Defining Pencil 
   6. Dream Matte Mousse Foundation of  Maybelline 
   7.Blush on of AVON and  8. Eye shadow from AVON
That, ladies is the very story why I have decided to have my own set of make – up. Even though they are not so branded like what you might be using I am content for now. Based on my research they are the fundamental products if you are learning to apply a make – up.

My mother suggested that I choose colors that would compliment my skin tone. That is why I opted with these. Not too loud and minimal. Right now I am thinking of appearing as a "rocker". That's why I have an eye defining pencil. I am looking up some new ideas on net on how to improve my newly found love. But for now, I'll settle with them.

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