09 April 2014


Season we await come in its turn
Clouds’ teardrops are gone running
   in every continent’s river to its deepest sea
   in every mountain and roots under
Sip by thousand thirsty tree
Eaten by one hungry world

As the clouds retire to its haven
My tears will go dry with comfort and love
Surrendering all my misery
Surrendering my fate in Him

Here comes Sun! Awake from his nap
Here comes our summer, my dandy summer
Dressed in glittering robe
Giving us a sizzling day

Summer air whispers romance
  near the boundary of doubts
Enjoying his moment to shine
Disregarding the return of teardrops

Season we await come in its turn
Each has its own reason
Giving us bunch of laughter
Leaving us coffins of sorrow

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Maira Gall