01 May 2014


When my friend Lucy sent a text message asking if I can go as a blogger in the event her department is organizing I was delighted. As a newbie in this industry who am I to neglect a very rare opportunity? The event is entitled ­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “Gina, Meet the Bloggers”. According to the invitation sent via e – mail I am to expect an intimate merienda cena with selected bloggers.

Though it was so hot when I leave our house I still carry my versatile jacket which I also wear as a scarf. Look at those clouds through the glass wall of ELJ Building – the venue.

Uh, oh! No, that cloud’s won’t send away my good mood. Aside from the fact that everyone is accommodating when I reached the reception area up to the registration well, look at my shoes. Isn’t it bringing goodness?

Top view of Pinoy Big Brother House

Beautiful flower arrangement

While waiting for the program to start I entertained myself by going around the vicinity. 

In case I forgot important information I have nothing to worry because they provided a soft copy of the PR kit.

Some of the bloggers invited checking out G Stuff products. 
Oh, the fun of participating! I've got to met other enthusiastic bloggers, from Choose PhilippinesMisis Teapot, and Miss Pop Quiz.

My mother is all for organic cooking and natural products. If she has some time a vegetable salad is served in our table. No doubt she will be pleased if she found out that I am getting myself familiar with brands like G Stuff.

Ms. Gina Lopez, the founder of G Stuff, said that all the proceeds will go directly to the local communities she has worked with. Yes, ladies and gentlemen all of the money. When she was asked on what inspires her in doing so, she said, that it gives her the feeling of happiness. Because life is good and we won’t live forever she encouraged everyone to be good by taking the initiative in promoting the environment and helping others.

Ms. Gina asking if everyone is okay.

Ms. Gina and I

My blogger's notebook that I bought from Papemelroti.

Because truly, life is good, and I celebrate every first, I have decided to have a different post focusing on the products that I hope you will be interested too.

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