23 April 2014


This was taken years back.
 It was the Second MCS (Mass Comm Society) Festival Award's Night and I'm wearing a gown. :)

 “Seriously, I can’t!”

“But why not? Demanded Ashlyn, who took after her mother and was curious as well as demanding.

“My armpits!” she said desperately and with all the firmness she could muster – given the word she was being firm with.

“What about your armpit?” said Ashlyn, a frown disturbing her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

“I haven’t shaved them. At least not for a few days…” Elsa faltered, anxiously regarding the women who were all looking back at her, appearing to condemn her for slovenly, unhygienic habits.

“Not a problem,” said Bron smoothly, having kept out of the fraught discussion until now. “I have a disposable razor in my kit.”

-          An excerpt from “Wedding Season” by Katie Fforde

Admit it or not, we ladies had the same problem with Elsa. Can’t wear a gown because of the some hair dilemma? If Elsa was saved by Bron’s disposable razor I was saved by mother’s hair removal hair wax kit.

But before I discovered waxing I have been plucking, shaving with no cream, and shaving with cream those hairs in my underarms. Yes, I have tried them all. But, eventually I noticed that they are not working for me. Let me tell you why:

PLUCK. When they (the hairs) stared growing I was told that I should let them be. They said that, they’ll disappear on their own. Guess what? I did not listen. I used my cousin’s tweezers then plucked them one by one. But boy! It was so tiring. My neck hurts. That is why I only do it once.

SHAVE WITH CREAM OR NOT. I know I was doing it the wrong way. I have no choice. I need to do it; I am always in a hurry. It was a fast solution. You see, when you are done shaving you should not soaked the parts where you have shaved. But as I have said I was doing it the wrong way. So screw those shavers. Aside from that shaving does not really removed the hairs. It just cut them. Eventually, they will grow fast, and you’ll be repeating the process.

Then there’s my mother’s WAX KIT. I did not know the easy way to do it. It was painful. But my mother was okay with it.
Luckily, in some time I have saved some money. When I see hair I went in this waxing salon called Lay Bare.  It was in here that I have learned that: 1. No one should wax if you have your period. 2. Not putting deodorant will help the technicians do their job easily. 3. You can wash your body with water after four hours.

The last time I visited their branch I got my loyalty card.

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