02 April 2014


Originally, this is not the post for today but as I type the title it was set as draft since morning. The cursor is blinking faster, faster and faster and faster. Images are flashing in my head but I have no specific words for them. Whenever I try to form a sentence, I forgot what the original idea is. Would it be shameful if I tell you that I am not sure how some words are spelled?

Can we consider this as a writer's block?

Even when I was writing this I had trouble with my vocabulary. I cannot remember other words that would complete a long sentence. I cannot finished a sentence that would fit into a precise paragraph. I wanted to put superficial words in here but all I managed are the common ones. Perhaps I am trying but not really serious.

I am lucky I am not on a deadline. No pressure equals no rush. No teacher or boss that will be checking, only you my dearest stranger.

That is why I intend to make this "super short" before I rant on a subject I am not familiar with. Once someone told me that when in doubt stop if you can't make it short.

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