24 May 2014


You have to give me some credit people; I am pretty much busy this past three weeks. I landed a job, and see how lucky I am, yesterday was our company’s outing. Seeing that summer is not yet over we were brought in a resort I always heard when I was in college. Ciudad Christhia Resort or 9 Waves is quite popular especially to all my classmates that are residing near Montalban and San Mateo, Rizal. The main attraction? Why of course, the waves. The waves that I really – really like to try but I cannot because of my monthly period.

You might think that I did not enjoy the day. Don’t you worry, I had fun. Instead of sitting at the pavilion I entertained myself by unleashing the photographer in me. I also found myself entertaining request of a photo with me. The main reason of having a company outing is to strengthen the bond of the employees. For a new face like me it is very helpful. I got to talk with the seniors without feeling that atmosphere in the work place.

23 May 2014


It was a beautiful twilight when I have decided to give myself something to look forward at every end of the day. I suddenly felt the urged to look up. Sure enough, I was amazed on what I have seen. A heart shaped cloud was up there unmoving as if it was waiting for me. It wasn’t until now that I think that it might be a sign of something good to happen or perhaps a romance is brewing.

After seeing it I felt a different kind of happiness. That is why I make a decision to photograph the sky on the succeeding days. Besides, it is better to look up instead of watching pavements. It is like surrendering everything to God. It is   like seeing the world in a different perspective. 
Heart shaped cloud

07 May 2014


                                                       Photo courtesy: Do2Learn

Hello there.
This is  a very short post. I just wanted to say hello and to remind everyone to never give up. Yours is about to come just wait and hold on. Enjoy while you are not busy. I suggest that you do things now while you can. You do things now while you stil have the resources. You don’t wanna be like me.
All of as sudden I am very busy. Well the good news is I am busy living my life. I am back in the circulation, you know like those people who wake up at 4:00 am but are always in hurry despite of being awake early. Catching FX or jeepneys while having a bite of whatever food I grab at the convenient store as my breakfast. And if I am lucky I can continue my eight hours sleep  while the jeepney (jitney) or the FX (wherever I am) is running. In short I have got a new job. Yehey! In which I am telling you along with my succeeding posts whenever I find time.
Everything changes.
Also, I have this plan, very ambitious one. I want to buy my own domain. I’m looking through the net now. Can you suggest good domain hosting. I am also trying to contact Web Designers for my blog.

03 May 2014


The days have gone too fast. I cannot believe it had been days since my first official event as a blogger. There are other good stuffs that had been going on right now. I just hope that the rest will also fall unto their place. Looking back at some point in my life at times when I was hesitant in trying new products but eventually found out that they are worth a try, I would say, “Why have I not picked or do this?” Maybe because I was being stubborn or something.

01 May 2014


When my friend Lucy sent a text message asking if I can go as a blogger in the event her department is organizing I was delighted. As a newbie in this industry who am I to neglect a very rare opportunity? The event is entitled ­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “Gina, Meet the Bloggers”. According to the invitation sent via e – mail I am to expect an intimate merienda cena with selected bloggers.

Maira Gall