03 May 2014


The days have gone too fast. I cannot believe it had been days since my first official event as a blogger. There are other good stuffs that had been going on right now. I just hope that the rest will also fall unto their place. Looking back at some point in my life at times when I was hesitant in trying new products but eventually found out that they are worth a try, I would say, “Why have I not picked or do this?” Maybe because I was being stubborn or something.

Okay enough with  the introduction that I think don't relate at all. ^_^ As promised here are some of the products of G Stuff:

They categorized their products from food to non - food.

G STUFF Healing Crystal Salt 120 g

You can use this in gargling.

G STUFF Moringa Restorative Night Cream
From left to right: 1. Moringa Conditioning Shampoo 2. VCO Insect Repellant and 3. Sun Protect Lotion

Ms. Gina Lopez shared the observation of her friend, “The Philippines is poor but God gave Philippines two things one is malunggay and the other coconut.” Indeed, our country has more natural resources that we can imagine in using. Only if we used them thinking about the goodness it will give in our community. From coconut alone we can get and/or create products that can be used for our food, health, beauty, and more.

G STUFF Aromatic Night Salve Gumamela

This is one of the many varieties of their products that the main ingredient is familiar in Filipino garden.

And here are some of their food products...
Pili Nuts

Taro chips flavored with Salt and Pepper
I have tried this one with the Davao Goat Cheese.

THE DIPS from left to right: Davao Goat Cheese, Mango Chutney, Carabao Cheese and Pepper

 You can visit G Stuff store at 3rd level of Rockwell Power Plant mall to check out their other good products that I did not mention here.

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