07 May 2014


                                                       Photo courtesy: Do2Learn

Hello there.
This is  a very short post. I just wanted to say hello and to remind everyone to never give up. Yours is about to come just wait and hold on. Enjoy while you are not busy. I suggest that you do things now while you can. You do things now while you stil have the resources. You don’t wanna be like me.
All of as sudden I am very busy. Well the good news is I am busy living my life. I am back in the circulation, you know like those people who wake up at 4:00 am but are always in hurry despite of being awake early. Catching FX or jeepneys while having a bite of whatever food I grab at the convenient store as my breakfast. And if I am lucky I can continue my eight hours sleep  while the jeepney (jitney) or the FX (wherever I am) is running. In short I have got a new job. Yehey! In which I am telling you along with my succeeding posts whenever I find time.
Everything changes.
Also, I have this plan, very ambitious one. I want to buy my own domain. I’m looking through the net now. Can you suggest good domain hosting. I am also trying to contact Web Designers for my blog.

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Maira Gall