13 June 2014


I hear the same song playing next door
The little aspiring singer on second voice
As always two candid cats lying on the floor
Hesitant in their meal as if they have a choice

Short hand points at seven while long hand at twelve
Same position as yesterday when I glimpse at him
Planned works screaming to be out in their shelves
Tell me my friend will to be as it seems?

Turning on the radio Ms, DJ was babbling
Reminds believers on this cursed day
Satan, will laugh on souls that are dreading
Counting doubtful souls left on yesterday’s debris

Fire celebrates this very adored this of him
Commemorate the merging of 13 and Friday
Now I am like an expert monologue actress
Who responds to her own words of say,

“My friend, today will never be as it seems
Though, you hear the same song playing on your next door
And scenes keep on repeating even in your dreams

Surprises will come on its own way and will pour.”

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Maira Gall