27 June 2014


         To DK,

My mind is telling me that this is a pathetic approach. As a girl who is trying to be a woman on her own perspective this is indeed a bit risky. Since I have told myself that you should not be my concern anymore, writing a letter to you is awkward. We were never that close. But what can I do my heart is very supportive, very positive, and very confident that I can do this. That I can finally tell you the things I wanted to say. That I can pretend that we really happened, there was a story. You were the main character and I was the narrator.

I prefer that you read what I might decide to tell you rather than you hear it from me. Print is my best form of communication.
Before I take this further let me introduce myself, though by now I bet you already know who I am. We met nine years ago in a town that is hardly seen in the Philippine map - it is small as a period as our Christian Living teacher described. I was a new girl back then. We were both young to realize how things will work out; the reason why we never worry too much. I am the only one allowed to call you by your real name (aside from your family) and I can call you different pet names.
Thank you. You have inspired me in many ways I never imagined. 
One afternoon I found you sitting at the bottom of the staircase near the girl’s comfort room. There were no other people around because everyone is in class. You were perfectly still doing your favorite sitting position. So, I have decided to go down. If ever you do not notice me I can pretend that I was just passing by on my way to the clinic or to the canteen. When I was near you I have decided that I am not going to the clinic neither to the canteen (I realize I don’t have money to buy food), so I sat beside you. Were you meditating that time? I never had the chance to ask you about it. I remember we managed to have a short conversation. I have not committed to memory what we talked about. Did we start by commenting on the weather? But what I do remember is that we were interrupted by a black cat and by my curiosity why I smell incense in our school (I was afraid of the possibility that there is a ghost near us). Turned out it was coming from the parish church.
The scene from our past that I recall is only one of the many that I treasure. Whenever I remember it I felt giddy yet it keeps me thinking of the what – ifs. You see, the story is one sided.  I never had the chance to hear it from your point of view. Now, is your chance DK, I believe you ought to tell me.
I miss you too big guy.
I know you are busy. I cannot interrupt you whatever you are doing. As for me I am currently in the process of realizing what my dreams are while my pockets are empty. I know that you’ll worry that’s why I never mentioned this when I met your sister.
It’s your turn now, DK. Write me a story anything you feel sharing. Good Night. May your Guardian Angel guide you always!

P.S. Please tell your girl that I am not a threat. Okay?

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