01 June 2014


Meet Summer and Sunday, and their friend (that cute cat in the middle)

The things we learned at school are totally different from the things that we considered as self – taught or self discoveries. Especially life lessons that we get when we graduated from schools most likely from the persons we just meet, totally strangers and from our pets. In my case they are our cats.

1.    Train them while they are young.  If ever you have kids or you have one little kiddo right now I urged you to act on how you want them to be. Teach them proper manners while they are easy to reason with.

2.   Do not hold grudges. Cats do not hold grudges. Even if you forget to feed them or you accidentally stomped on their tail after a minute they will go to you and ask to pet them.

3.      Sometimes, it is okay to invite yourself. Be curious.  If you feel like you are good at something do not stop yourself from nurturing your abilities. Do not be content with the things that are already there. Who knows what you will find out?

4.      Do not stop until you get their attention. Whenever you heard, “Meow, meow, meow”, it means that they want your attention. If it gets louder and they keep on doing it for almost a minute it is urgent. They won’t stop until you analyzed their needs. It is same with us people. We should practice consistency and patience.

5.      The more the merrier. I am talking about friends. I’ve noticed that cats look relaxed if they have companion. They are braver in hostile territory.

6.      Sacrifice.

7.      Learn the art of escaping. Literally, learn how to escape on traffic, or any bad situation.

8.    Remember to visit relatives. We have a cat that is now residing on our neighbor (she disappeared when his daughter started having their own kittens) but still visits us especially her kittens. One time she visited when one of them is sick.
9.  Use your charm. Cats are cute. Being cute is their charm. They used it on getting what they want. So if talking is useless keep that mouth shut and let your charm work.

10.  Sleep. If everything is in chaos, all effort are done, or you are simply tired take a break. Sleep. Sometimes solutions are derived when we get enough sleep.

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