05 June 2014


 This is not an advice column but since these blog aims to let you think of whatever you might be thinking. I want to share to you some positive note that might help you stay happy and not lose the love for yourself.

1.   Pains and heartaches are signs that you are not a numb person. You feel them because you have been in a happy moment of your life, which means that the reason why you are in pain is because of the joy it gives to you. Every pain you felt makes you stronger and it will keep you motivated. Once you are over with the pain, imagine the joy you will feel. Like a heavy back pack taken away from you.

2.      Fell good when someone complains on what you are doing. It means, he or she acknowledged your existence. Mind you, there are people out there who to struggle hard for their existence.

3.      When someone gives a negative comment in your overt or covert personality thank him. Because that someone is rare. He is just concern. He is honest. Especially if you knew in yourself that he is telling the truth.

4.      There are times that you feel that your opinion is opposite to your friends or colleagues. They feel you are impossible and yours don’t matter. I say, they are “playing safe”. Be glad because you are one of those who are willing to take the risk, who swears they will never regret.

5.      If the thing you wanted was within your reach you were so close on getting it but you are late by a minute don’t worry. Maybe it was not really meant for you, much better is coming.

6.      If today you feel you’re in your worst. If you really – really feel it, I believe you. All of us had been there or have felt that way but remember it is only temporary. Whatever you do think on where it will lead you. Also, when you are in your worst you’ll know who those fake friends are. You’ll be surprise when you found out.

7.      Lastly, God won’t give you that burden, problem or whatever you want to call your situation right now if He knows that you can’t handle it. Have faith.

Life is complicated but if you learn to deal with it will turn out to be fun.


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