15 July 2014


A quote from Song of Confession

You were not a part of my world
Until one night you came knocking
Through a dream you let me noticed you
I never care to share so it may come true

Seems to me that I lost my control
On secrets and crushes in high school
This act took a cargo of courage
I have this feeling since twelve of my age

I am learning to sing a love song
So I can get a standing ovation lead by you
I am learning to play a guitar
Like the way you strum those chords

I am not giving up on my Jesus
Don’t mind if I don’t fit in a dress
As long as I wear your rocking tee
A safe bridge to travel for free

This is a song of confession
This is my version of getting your attention
A big favor for both f us
This is my way of confessing
Another way of expressing
My humble way of celebrating

This so – called earthly passion
That brings a loving emotion

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Maira Gall