07 August 2014


sound of music
Scene from The Sound of Music
This photo is a proof that once in my life I been in a musical. Well sort of. J

If you will ask me now what character did I play, well, I was a nun. On question which nun I portray that I cannot answer. I know it is a shame for not remembering details like this especially of you are an aspiring actress.

I am not used on being on the spotlight. I preferred working back stage. Sometimes, I would volunteer to do the script or assigned myself on preparing the props. If there is an escape on not being on the center stage I would do anything. Sure when I was in it high school I act and dance once but it is for the sake of passing the English class or the MAPEH class.

You might ask, so how did you turn up playing a role in The Sound of Music? My answers are:

  1. No one else is interested to add another responsibility in their calendar. It was the peak of my college days, thesis, final project on a major subject, and an event being organized by our College Department. These are all happening in the same time. We are all stressed (I guess).
  2. I felt that I can manage my time and I can handle the fiasco.
  3. I don’t have to memorize lines since it had been decided that it will be lip synced.
  4. I had the NERVE. I was being brave.

I cannot remember what my lines are but what I can tell you is the feeling while I was trying to act like a nun, while I was singing together with the audio provided. It was different.  For the first time I was not frightened. My heart is at peace beating in a normal tempo. My hands were not shaking. In fact, I made some impromptu gesture with them (my hands). For the first time I do not have to repeat my position on stage. I was relaxed.

When it was over, and when we bowed together with the Director, I told myself, “See it is worth a try.”

If there will be opportunities like this I am definitely in. Because I have learned that it is through doing things like this (acting in a theater even though it is for school purposes) that can help us hone our skills whether you are aware or not. It is by participating on group or be it a school activities that will lead us to who will become. We just need to be brave and the right attitude for everything.

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