21 September 2014


Letter To My Younger Self
Greetings from the older you! 

I sincerely desire that you will find this letter as a sign of your survival.

Knowing you little one, I am certain that you have lots of questions. You might ask, “Do you know what happened after I decided to give the Valentine’s card to my crush I named Jelly Ace?” Well, it is obvious that I have a specific answer to that question and to the rest of your worries. But I am not writing nether to give hints about the future nor to scold you of your wrong doings. Telling you of what you have become will destroy the balance of nature and humanity. I believe that it will also ruin the lives of all the people that you have met.

You might find this letter as a lapse of the future. Fear not. Everyone else is sending a letter to their younger self as an experiment. I do not want to deprive you the excitement that they might feel and the aura of mystery. And also, I do not want you to think that I am dead. That you will die ten years from now. I do not want you to consider the fact that I don’t care. I care little one. I care about the past, the present, and the future.

I have a deep regard for life little one. That is why I have decided to consider the advice of my teacher. Instead of telling you a great prophecy, which is the purpose of this experiment and writing exercise, after presenting my case he approved that I will give you a reminder.

After all, you wanted to be different.

Remember faith, love, and courage. Keep the faith in God, and the ways of humanity. Have faith in yourself. I repeat. Have faith in yourself. Imagine the possibility if you start erasing your doubts. I want you to remember how powerful love is. I want you to be brave.

If my calculations are correct you are at the right age to understand why I want you to remember faith, love, and courage.

There are many things that I would like to remind you. I feel like quoting a poet. At this year in your existence in earth, I think, you have heard all the other reminders that I want to say. So I vetoed the idea. Also, I do not want to overwhelm your imagination.

Thank you, for being you little one. Thank you for being alive and living life.

There is always something you can look forward, like reaching my age - our age as I write this. Goodbye for now.                                                                             

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