16 September 2014



This is a tribute to all my teachers, in line with the celebration of the National Teacher’s Month. And, to all the teachers worldwide, thank you. Your patience and dedication to all your students will always be remembered. I know that this profession does not pay well but you still continue to work hard and sacrifice for the sake of your belief that your students are the future of a great nation.

In behalf, of all the graduates, the nerds, the geniuses, the noisy, the basketball team, and the school band, we salute you!

To all of us who had been a student, I know we all have special memories that always remind us of how a certain teacher is. We all have stories. We have our favorites and the one we hate because they were strict. I had mine too. Funny, because I cannot remembered the exact definition of Economics (as an example) but what I remember are the things that they shared out of their lesson plan.

I called them extra lessons from my school teachers.

The drinking glasses should be washed first. To conserve water it was advised by my Grade Three teacher that one should use a basin. That being said, the drinking glasses should be washed first since they are less greasy unless they have been used in other purpose. Next would be the forks, spoons, plates, food containers, and the casseroles.

Cut the toothpaste tube if you think it is empty. Believe me it have enough content for your next three meals (or more) that you will brush your teeth.

Broomstick is not supposed to be in the standing position if you are cleaning off the water. As opposed to cleaning scattered junks or dried leaves, your broom should be parallel to the floor. That means you should assume a sitting position.

Always walk in the right side of the road or hallway. This is to avoid a collision. If you notice those who are walking opposite to your direction is at your left side. That is because they are walking in their right side of the road. This rule also applies if you are driving a car.

There is power in believing. Those you cannot see physically will continue to live if you believe in them. If only you have a strong faith in your heart.

Be confident. You can do great things if you have the confident to execute them. Never fear failure, in the end you will be glad because you try.

From ash to ash. “Do not forget we are born naked and when we die we take nothing. When we die we are all the same. Our body will be buried under the earth. Our bones will be eaten by the worms until it dissolve and mix with the soil.” That is what Mrs. Ofelia said, my Christian Living teacher in high school, when she had enough of the glamour that she is seeing. She said it while banging her hand on the teacher’s table in our classroom. I remember at that time she was pissed because she had encountered a disrespectful student. She said that it is best if we invest in our good values.

Do not be late. Time is gold. If there will be an instance that you have nothing to offer but your time you will learn to value the importance of arriving on time. The world will not stop spinning just because you are stopping and running late.

Not everyone wants to be called by their real name. A teacher once called my attention because I put her whole name on the project that I submitted. Turns out, she does not like her real name instead she wants me to put her nickname. After that incident whenever I am introduced to new people I would asked them what name they prefer to be called.

Deliver bad news in private unless, the bad news is for everybody. Do this so that the recipient of the news will have some time to process the news without feeling the pressure. It is a good etiquette. It is for him to decide when to share it to others.

How about you what extra lessons have you learned from your school teachers? 

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