11 September 2014


Love, Stargirl

Lately, I have been reading books, and as always I am in awe to the different world that the authors are creating. I found the lines perfectly fitting in my situation – the right words to describe.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book Love, Stargirl that is written by Jerry Spinelli:

  1. I’m the opposite of nothing – I’m everything. I’m everything but myself. I’ve evaporated like water vapor into the universe.
  2. Star people do not shed tears, but light.
  3. A little hatred goes a long, long way. It grows and grows. And it’s hungry.
  4. I’m a rotten kid now, but I’ll be an amazing teenager.
  5. Love trumps appetite.
  6. What are you asking for, Galaxy Girl?
  7. Live today.   
  8. Sometimes life goes on its own way and drags you along.
  9. We long to be found, hoping our searchers have not given up and gone home.
  10. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!

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