23 September 2014


Seven angels watched him sleep. The three go with him wherever he go. The two stay at home. The other two resides at heaven ready to be called for emergency.

Who is this lucky guy? How come he has seven angels?

The answer, I think, lies between us and with our acceptance with what is real. This world we live in is a mixture of heaven and hell. So there is a fat chance that the seven angels exist.

You may not see wings or halo but still they are angels. Actually, they may not only be seven of them but more.

He is not the only one who have angels but all of us.

You argued that you don’t have. But the truth is that you failed to recognize them. Worst is you have accused them of being a trouble maker or a demon of your life.

You failed to notice them because you’ve decided that they are not real. Your eyes have been tricked by the earthly appearance.

But if you start believing in your heart you will find your angel. Who knows you have already seven angels that have been around you since you were born.

Seven angels and you are a lucky guy. No matter what situation you are in as long as you believe.

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Maira Gall