22 October 2014


CFC Singles for Christ

            The Couples For Christ (CFC) East B Family Ministries organized a variety show  entitled "Beloved" last Sunday which was held at the event hall of SM Masinag.

            The different ministries – Kids for Christ (KFC), Youth for Christ (YFC), Singles for Christ (SFC), Couples for Christ (CFC), Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD), and Servants of the Lord (SOLD) assembled to showcase their talents and to encourage other families or people to join the community.

             CFC's goal is to renew and strengthen Christian family life and values.

      One of the highlights of the show was the performance of Darryl Shy a contender of The Voice Philippines.

            As a new member of the community I was there.

My cousin Reymond, together with the other participants, who is currently attending the Christian Life Program, was also there. We have enjoyed the show. We have enjoyed mingling with the other members of the community.

Darry Shy

Darryl Shy


If you are interested in joining the community you can comment here. I will help you find the CFC chapter near your place.

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