25 October 2014


CFC Cornerstone

        Based on my calendar today is the 12th Saturday that I’ve been attending Cornerstone. J

Cornerstone is formed by three organizations, Couples for Christ (CFC), ANCOP, and Ateneo De Manila University. It aims to help slow readers in elementary students in public schools through reading tutorials and values formation.

Today, the tutees clearly enjoyed the activities. They have learned how to enhance focus by drawing on the board using their both hands. They have enjoyed playing games that are still related to the lessons taught. Without them knowing that leadership skills and being a team player is being honed.

I enjoyed the games too. And the other tutors too. I was busy cheering my team on the “letter relay” game. That’s why I only have few photos.
CFC Cornerstone

CFC Cornerstone Inuman Elementary School

CFC Cornerstone

        We are still in need of volunteers. If you are interested in being a part of this fulfilling duty you can email me at jhecelogtip@yahoo.com or leave a comment below. Thank you. May you always be a blessing to others.

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