01 October 2014



First of all I would like thank you for being here.

By now you might have noticed that I’ve changed this blog’s name, again. I promise that this would be the last and final name of this little creation of mine. I promise that even if I moved in my own domain I will still carry the name. Regardless, of the contents that I will write.

Why did I change the name of my blog?

·         A (Serious) Scribble of A Dreamer – This was perfect for me at the beginning but after reading blogging tips. I’ve learn that a blog name should not be long and it should be easily pronounced. Being a believer of “internet tips” that I am I followed the writer.

·         Serious Scribbles – I’ve shortened the first name to Serious Scribbles. But after a month, I think, I stumbled upon a Facebook page bearing the same name. It is obvious that I cannot create my own Facebook page because the name already exists in the internet. So, I started thinking of a new name.

·         Outside Her Box – I can’t come up with a unique name. So I picked what is already there.

·      Jhecel – Since this is a personal blog I figured I used my own name. But after long contemplation I’ve decided to change this again.

Where did I get the name of my blog?

I first heard the word Koshe from my high school classmate. He said it was formed after typing his name in a phone. He’d figured that Koshe will be his code name while we talk about his crush - who happened to be a friend of mine.

I never forget the word since I am pretty much sentimental. And of course, I am mesmerized of the idea that a word has been created for the sake of code names and high school crushes. When I had the chance to talk with him known as “the source of the word” I asked permission that I will be using it as my pen name or whatever literary form I desire, which had been granted. It was important because I am against plagiarism.

Last month I have discovered that the word koshe exist. Imagine my surprise! According to urbandictionary.com koshe is derived from the Jewish word kosher. It is used to describe an item, action or situation that is neither bad nor good; making the word synonymous to average.

I was hesitant at first because I am not blogging about things that are neither good nor bad. Honestly, it is difficult to identify if a situation or a thing is a koshe. But after having second thoughts here it is being used as the final name of this blog.
Besides, an artist or even a writer does not need to explain his work.

My Tips on Naming A Blog

If ever you decide to create your own blog. Here are some tips that I can share to you on naming your blog. I’ve learned this after the many changes that I’ve made.

1.      One word name is better.

2.      Consult the internet before using the name. There are a lot of bloggers out there who might be using the same name.

3.      And lastly, be confident on name that you have decided to use. Trust your own judgment.

Beloved readers, I write to you so that you may all know how it works. I do not want you to be confused. I do not want you to think that I am never content of my own identity. I do not want you to think that I am escaping a problem by changing names.

I want you to understand that like the rest of the world I am also a person that learns from my faults. I try to get the attention of the world. But lately, I’ve realized that having you is enough.

Again, thank you for being here.

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