26 October 2014


if you only ask

        One time when I was applying for a job I noticed that my resume was not stapled correctly. 

            I immediately knew what to do.

            I left the line, since it was a long line, and told the person next in me, “I will go out but I will be back. I just need to fix my resume.”

            I was confident that I will find what I needed in fixing my resume. The building where I went is across a store that sells office supplies. And what I needed at that time is a basic item.

So I went to the store where I was greeted by a friendly security guard.

           Being in a hurry, I ask the crew that I first saw where I can find the staplers and staple wires. He did his job and guided me to the items that I will buy.

            When I reach the isle I chose a small stapler and hurriedly grabbed a staple wire. Then I immediately go to the counter section to pay. After I paid I opened the two items that I bought.

            Guess what I found out? The size of the staple wire does not match with the stapler.

            I was a little frustrated because I know that it was entirely my fault. I did not check them. My only resolve on the situation was to let my resume stay disarranged. I cannot spend money for another set of staplers. Or I could separate the two sheets of paper by my hand and return the used staple wire by my hand also.

            Then, when I was on my way out the store I saw a stapler near the guard. It was obvious that it was intended for the use of the crew at the photocopy section. The guard probably knew my situation because I kind of let my frustration - visible by talking to myself.

            “Kuya, can I borrow the stapler.” I hesitantly said.

            “Of course,” the guard said.

            “Had I known I can borrow from you. I could have save money,” I said while I was fixing my resume.

            “If you only ask,” he said.

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