17 October 2014


snapshot of white cat

One morning, I saw this white cat sitting above the fence of our neighbor’s yard. It was a spectacular view. Being a fan of candid shots I took the liberty to get a photo of the scene. It was perfect.

I felt like a story is going on. It felt like he is imagining that he is the owner. That he is looking out for the safety of whatever it is behind the fence. Who knows he might be thinking, “I am a white cat. I am above all of you and most importantly I own this place. This is my territory. I can see whatever you are doing. So don’t try to cheat on me. Don’t try to get inside the house. Be warned rats!”

This, my friend is one of the reasons that you should not leave your camera. 

white cat

White Cat

                                           Camera used: Samsung GT-S5300

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