06 October 2014


I have no reason to hate you
I have no right to tell you that you are wrong
Besides, no one really knows what is earthly correct
Unless, what you have been acting is under the demand of the modern society
So really, I have no reason to hate you

I’ve got something better than hatred
Though this one is very much complicated
Unlike hatred this one will make us a bunch of fools

This one can lead us to our smiling thoughts
This one can also destroy our poise
But somehow this is very reason of our existence

Even if we give up on it
Someone will come along and bring it back to life
This one I am offering is hard to explain

Funny, because there are moments that we deny this to ourselves
Yet, its existence is much enjoyed
More than anyone else, offering this is easy
But considering the ratio of our society this is hard

I have no reason to hate you
I have no reason to be sad
Because I have the best reason
I have love to give
        I have love to receive         

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Maira Gall