11 November 2014



            I am writing on Wattpad. I have three stories that are on – going, two poetry compilations and a story that I pledged on #JustWriteIt. My username is @HopeForZero. I chose the name because at that time I have been thinking, “I have nothing to offer but love. I have nothing to give but love. And, all I ask is a spark of hope.”
            Here are the summary of my stories. If you are on Wattpad you can read them here. If you are still not a member you can register using your Facebook account. You may register here. And viola you have limited access of different genre of stories. Don’t forget to follow me. 

1.    Once Upon A High School
Summary: After living in an orphanage through her elementary years, Emily’s dad has decided to introduce himself and take her to his hometown. It was a shock to her because the director of the orphanage knows her father. He had been supporting her since the day she arrived in the orphanage.
            Emily’s dad is mysterious to her. Aside from the fact that they are both afraid of the dark he never told him the reason why she was left alone but the truth is she was never alone. Her dad makes sure she is always safe. When he moved in with her dad she expected she will see him often but as of the moment he is away for business works. Emily was left in her father’s hometown – Samar with Martin the head butler and the rest of the staff.
            In order to know her dad and what really happened in her family. Her dad sent her to the same school where he, hoped Emily would share the same love he felt.       
            Funny, because the first time she saw the school she fell in love with it. And on her first day of school she saw a very interesting guy that same as her age.
            This is Emily’s story. Will she stay or will she leave before she graduate? She never knows, because her dad, once in his high school days, falls in love and leave.

2.   Crushes and Codes - A collection of free styled poem. Stolen glances and inspirations. A love story written with hope but hiding in codes.

3.   Language of Colors – Every color has a story to tell. They represent life depending on how people see them. Language of Colors is a collection of free styled poetry.

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