05 November 2014


Rules to a happy life

1.    Be the best of whatever you are. Based on the poem of Douglas Malloch we must be the best of whatever you are. Because we can’t all be captains, we’ve got to be crew. There’s something for all of us here. How great is that? Every one of us has a place and purpose on life. I understand that we dreamed to be somebody else. But what will happen to our society? Think. If all of us were granted to be captains who will be the crew. If all of us are leaders who will be our followers that will do our bidding? Think. If all of us are super stars who would be our die-hard fans? Be the best listener if all you can do is to listen. The secret is to embrace the person that we are and be the best of it.

2.    There should only be one love. I am talking about romantic love.  If you are in a relationship by all means it should be the person that you love. Do not look for qualities that you want in your partner in another person. If you are over him/her for your own sake you might as well decide to end your relationship. You don’t want your life miserable, do you? In short, I encourage you to be monogamous in a relationship.

3.    Keep calm. If you are caught up on stressful situations you better calm down. Do not panic. Then, you’ll know what to do. You will never know what you will say or what you will do when you are panicking.

4.    Keep it simple. You have to remember that simplicity is a virtue. If you can’t decide what to wear keep it simple. If you don’t know what to say keep it simple and honest. Think simple. Sometimes we complicate things that we forget that the solution to our problem is simple.

5.    Eat nutritious food. This sounds so elementary but this is important that you eat healthy food. What we eat affects our body. They even say that what you eat defines you. Too much preservative can cause diseases that might limit your chance to enjoy life. And if you are stubborn that you disagree with me right now, at least do not forget to eat for at least three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the reasons that you are irritated is that you are hungry.

6.    Let your past be your greatest inspiration not your desperation. You have to let go of the baggage that you carry from your past. Do not be stuck in the old times. You might have not notice but it regretting on what you should have done in the past is keeping you from living the present life that you are in.

7.    Try and be brave. If there are things you wanted to do go ahead. Do it. I want you to try. And in case, you do not know how just ignite the fire in your heart and be brave.

8.    Pray. Pray it helps. Whatever worries you have God has always an answer. Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let this verse from Matthew 7:7 be your reminder that is okay to ask, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

9.    Smile. This is a trick I learned by myself. If I am sad I forced my face to smile. The muscles will then stretched and lighten your mood.

10.  And lastly, remember LOVE. Feel love. Acknowledge love. Show love to your neighbors. Love God. Love yourself.  Since love is the greatest commandment God this might be the greatest rule of all. Perhaps you are sad right now because you are not feeling the love. Someone out there loves you. God loves you.

Do you have your own rules for happy life? Do you think it is necessary to have rules to have a happy life? Tell me what you think.  Do not be sad. There are lot of ways to be happy. J

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