15 December 2014



There are some nights that I cannot sleep. My mother says it is because I am drinking too much coffee. Can you blame me? Coffee is good. Aside from that thinking of what’s going to happen next in the projects that I am working keeps me awake. When I am tired I will just hit my bed and I am away in my sleep.

Aside of drinking milk whenever I cannot go to sleep I also listen to music. I have created a playlist in my phone named Lullabies. While completing my playlist I have noticed that it is their melodies that make them get in my category of songs that can help people get a nice sleep.
1.    Anima Christi – this is a religious song that I have heard while attending Sunday mass. I almost cried the first time I have heard this because it touches my soul.
2.      It’s Gonna Make Sense – Yup! Someday it is gonna make sense.
3.      Bahay-kubo – This is a children Filipino song. This reminds me of a living a simple life.
4.      A Thousand Miles
5.      Still by Hillsong
6.      I Think I – I don’t understand what it says but I am pretty sure that this is about love since this has been an OST of Full House – Korean drama that has been aired in Philippine TV.
7.      Closing Time by Semisonic
8.      I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
9.      Close To You by The Carpenters
10.  Top Of The World by The Carpenters

What are yours? 

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