29 December 2014


                Our household (the small group in SFC) originally planned a picnic near Sierra Madre instead we went to Blue Mountains – a place known as a good jogging spot. Blue Mountains is a subdivision that is near Our Lady of Fatima University Antipolo. It would take one ride with a minimum fare from my place to reach the jogging spot. But if you are feeling energized you can actually walk to get there.

            I woke up at 5 am since we are supposed to meet up at 6 am. I hurriedly cleaned myself and drank my coffee. By six in the morning I was out in our house. I actually cannot believe that I was able to get up that early. Normally, I would be up by 7 am since I am not particularly busy.
            At first we thought that it was closed. An old man heard us and told us that it was open, in fact, it is open to everyone. Noe decided to jog while I opted for a walk casually stopping to take photos of the scenery. I cannot believe that I have not seen the place for almost seven years. A fashion pictorial with a bohemian theme would be fantastic there.
            When Cielo arrived we found a swing and decided that we play. It was fun.  Cielo had this idea that we should pose like we are on a zip line not on a swing. Look how happy she is. Noe and I discovered that we should play tag of war. And eventually, we decided that we should play for a bit. Thanks to that rope hanging by the tree we unleashed the child on us.
            I met Cielo and Noe in Singles For Christ – a community for single men and women whose life is centered in constant relationship with God. In SFC I met great, fun and positive thinking people. I wish to stay longer in the community. Learn more about Singles For Christ here.
         Raise your hands if you are feeling happy.
            Meet Cielo.
      It is obvious that Noe is stronger than me. Look how I struggle to get the rope. J

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