22 December 2014


            Wedding is a cheerful occasion. Attending one is a privilege especially if one of your friends is getting married.  Mary Grace, my college friend and seatmate, got married with Joel this December 2014.

            I never planned to buy a new top but when my mother found out that I am going to wear a dark – colored dress she did not approved. So a day before I travel to Jalajala, Rizal I hit the mall and look for a top. It was indicated in the wedding invitation that the attire should be semi – formal. I ended up arguing with myself that the look I chose is almost casual but near of becoming semi – formal.
            The night before the wedding there was a dance intended for the couple who is getting married. It is a tradition being held in some of the provinces. In our province, Samar, we call it Bakayaw. When the couple is dancing in a slow music relatives, friends and guests would pin money to their clothes as a gift for them. In the eve of the wedding we were dancing and enjoying the fact that two people are finally going to settle down the next day.
            At the day of the wedding, I guess what I wore does not matter. The bride should be the center everyone’s attention. I am glad that I did not wear a dress because I was busy taking photographs. I was moving from place to place.
            When the bride started to walk the aisle I got a little emotional. I was happy that they have come to tie their relationship with God. Grace is the first of my friends who got married. This is the first of the many. I hope that I would be there when all of my friends get married. Being there means a lot for me no matter what I choose to wear.

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