08 January 2015


            I remember when I was in Grade One our teacher was very persistent on teaching us on how to cross the street. “As a child if possible you must not be alone whenever crossing the street. If by chance you cannot help but go on your own because everyone is telling you that you are a big girl already, by all means go and cross that street. But I want you to remember that you must: 1. Stop, 2. Look, and 3. Listen. Stop before you take a step on that asphalt road near the waiting shed. Look to your left and to your right if there are cars coming. If you see no cars you must listen because cars are coming when you hear a loud engine sound. It is like brooomm!” She said.

            That was my idea of how should it works until I started going to college. My classmates was always on rush. They cannot stand waiting for the traffic light to turn green. One time, they decided to cross the street while cars are running leaving me behind. When they were at the other side saying, “Jhecel, bilis na. Tumawid ka na!” (Jhecel, hurry. Get over here!) But I did not follow their lead. I decided to walk until I reached the nearest footbridge. It was tiring.
            I had to admit that I am not always using a footbridge.
            They asked me why I was such a coward. I told them that I do not want to die. And I follow traffic rules. I cannot remember what they said but what I remember was when we are about to cross one of them hold my hand and say, “Come on let’s go. I know how to cross dangerous streets. We are going to be safe.” And off we go laughing because the cars are approaching.
            I became dependent with that person or to anyone I am with whenever crossing streets in my college days. But as the cycle of life goes everything changes. We graduated, Vince, the one that willingly take my hand died just. It is the fondest memory I have with him.
            I have learned to be dependent with the rules. I have learned to accept that footbridges are for pedestrians. In there you can walk without the worry of the coming cars. Though, you have to be vigilant because bad people lurk in there. Besides that is it purpose to keep us from harm. We people are always complaining on how the government spends our money; when in fact, we are not using the structures that they built. A footbridge is one of them.
            I know why some pedestrians prefer a rush way of crossing. It is tiring. A hassle you might add. But would you risk your life? There are dangers everywhere but what harm would it give you if you follow one old rule?

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