16 January 2015



Dear Pope Francis,

            Welcome to the Philippines Lolo Kiko! Welcome to the place where I was born and raised. Welcome to a nation with more than seven thousand islands, a nation who have many dialects, a nations with varying cultures and tradition, and a nation whose spirit is renewed with your arrival.  

            Thank you for visiting us. Thank you for your mercy and compassion. Thank you for giving us hope. We are all happy that you are here in the Philippines for you are with us.
            Before I go further I have to admit that I am nervous writing to you. Perhaps it is the idea that you are the highest leader of the Church. But seeing what you have done while the news of your arrival is going on I am inspired. I am inspired by your humility and simplicity.
            I pray for your safety and good health. We pray that the Holy Spirit guide you in all your duties.
            Pope Francis, I humbly ask you to pray for our nation, that our hearts may heal and forgive. That the people, especially the youth like me may be inspired by your teachings and way of life. That we may do what we aspire in our lives. That our relationships with our family, friends or the strangers strengthen.
            As I write this, a news coverage is going on the television of your arrival up to the motorcade. I cannot express how happy I am. I can see the excitement of everyone, shouting, “We love you Pope Francis”. We truly love you Pope Francis.
          May the Lord Bless You Always.
           Maupay nga pag-abot Pope Francis!

Author’s Note: This article was originally planned to be published yesterday but due to the signal jam that has been done as a precaution for the visit of Pope Francis.


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