05 January 2015


Wonders of the creation
Full of beauty and imagination
Gift from the heavens above
For His kindness and love

Each has its own beauty and purpose
For our goodness I suppose
So in Him let us be grateful
For making our life colourful

The morning sun that is so bright
Gives warm and delight
The moon and the stars in the evening
Sounds safe and securing

The trees swaying in the air
Give food, beauty and life to bear
The colourful flowers in the garden
Make us smile all of a sudden

Water deities ruled by Neptune
Home of every oceanic creation
Wind that blows every second each days
Utter his gentleness sometimes rudeness

Venomous snake of Africa and Asia
Large aquatic reptile of a tropical area
Possess something beneficial and common
Leathers, made from their skin

And then lives the best endowment
Man – bestowed of various talent
  who care for this wonderful legacy
And gain their beauty

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Maira Gall