23 January 2015


        I do not plan on making Project Happiness as a blog series but as I scroll through my stock of photos I saw this picture above, immediately an idea was formed and that was this series that will kick-off today. J

            What is your purpose? You may ask me back, “Purpose in what?” I might answer, “Well, what it is that you want?”
            According to The New International Webster’s Pocket Dictionary of The English Language purpose is a noun that means an aim or goal; an intention.
            It is clear that my answer at your supposed second question is confusing. I should have answered, “Well, what it is that you want in your life?” No matter what you will answer, no matter what is it that you want it would surely affect your life.
            If you feel that you have been floating aimlessly with the wind that would be a feeling that can be associated of lacking a purpose in life. Aren’t you sad about it? Now, I want you to be happy. Start by having a purpose. If the word purpose is too deep for you let us change it to goal. Write down your goals in your journal or in your phone. They do not have to be big. You can start by listing: to graduate college (if you are still in college) or by be early to work.
            Having a purpose in life makes us happy. They might be happening slowly but at least you have this reason to continue on fighting for your purpose.
            Also do not forget that according to Gautama Buddha that your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.
            HAPPY FRIDAY! J J J




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