20 February 2015


“You had your moments. And those moments outshone everything.” – Don’t Look Back  by Jennifer Armentrout

            Perhaps this is not new to you. Explaining this quote might result paraphrasing and redundancy. But I will do it anyway. We have our own interpretations of things. We have our own philosophy in life. This is mine. I may have written lot nonsense things here my blog. But you never say a word about it. I believe that somehow you read an article or two that pleases you or a poem that touches your heart. Well, that might be my moment. And that moment is good.

            I would like to remind you of those moments. Every person that you know had good moments. They had done good things to you or to random strangers. I am sure you have witnessed some whether they were simple or grand. You had your moments too. The circumstances does not matter at least you know you had one.

            So when someone you know seems to be bad. Remember they had their moments. I want you to focus on that. And when all you have is your list of mistakes and bad decisions. Remember there are other good things that you can do. You had your moments. I want you to focus on that. I am saying this so that you can have a reason to forgive, to move on, and to be a better person.

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