27 February 2015


How wonderful to watch the sun rise and the way it set
The butterflies that are sipping pollen of colorful flowers
To hear the melodious voice of the birds in the tree
The laughter of the children playing hide-and-seek
To taste nature’s gift from sea and farm
All these are gifts from God
Time past
Man started to abuse nature
The green leaves are starting to turn gold
A sign of poverty, famine or may cause death
Land and water will be different
Marine life may vanish
Fresh air will be no more
Health or even life will be dangerous
 We will suffer
If this catastrophe occur when we are dead we are lucky
Though I doubt that we can find our luck in heaven
We will die!
We will die leaving unwanted legacy to our children and the next generation

Please help protect nature
Help save Mother Earth!
Help treasure the gifts of God
Act now!

     *Photo credit: Unsplash

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Maira Gall