01 February 2015


            SFC East B6
         Last January 25, 2015 Sunday SFC East B Sector kick-off was held at Infant Jesus Academy Marikina campus.

            The purpose of the event is to introduce new leaders of the community and to present the plans of the sector. We were also reminded about the theme for the year which is LOVE MORE. It was also stressed that we should 1. Build relationship 2. Grow relationships and 3. Celebrate all relationships. These were also mentioned in our first chapter assembly.
            It was in this event that I have known that the sector has a total of five hundred four active members as of last year. That is why everyone is encouraged to invite at least two participants in the upcoming Christian Life Program (CLP). For this 2015 there will be only one CLP in East B Sector that will start this April so that we can focus on growing on other aspects in our life particularly to have more time in our family.
            Every chapter was designated in different responsibilities. Ours was the Music Ministry they were the choir during the mass. I tell you they were good. Before the mass a game was played and a rosary was prayed.
Participants of the game called "Pass the Number"
 Music Ministry preparing for the mass.
 Sweetness and Cynthia
Meet our new household. Gemma (in right) is the newest addition. 

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