17 February 2015



            Our neighbor has a small vegetable garden in their empty lot. Once you go to our house it is impossible that you won’t notice it. I don’t know if they planned of having one or it is just a blessing of nature. They have a papaya, wild flowers, and sweet potato. I thought they are going maintain it the old - fashioned way until the vines of sweet potato started to crawl over their fence.

            Here in the Philippines the sweet potato is no doubt popular because you can cook it easily, it is cheap, and healthy. Also you can grow your own without giving so much attention. In our language we call “kamote”. The leaves are cooked together with other ingredients to become a viand and its root crop are either boiled or fried.
            But what I don’t know is that sweet potatoes actually have flowers. I know. I know. Forgive me for not knowing. This is a surprise for me since I grow up in a rural area where this is very common. If you have seen them bloom, congratulations! If you have not I am sharing photos of its flower for you to see.
            Are you like me? Have you ever been surprised of a plant that bloom flowers?


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