04 February 2015


I danced even though I did not know what would be the next step. Lucky for me, my  dance partner guided me.

            It had been years since I visited my hometown Guiuan. The last vacation I had was with my cousins on July 2012 to remember the date anniversary of my grandmother. Many firsts happened during that trip: 1. I finance my own travel. 2. I rode in an airplane for the first time and 3. I met with my high school friends.

            I love Guiuan! In fact, it is the first place I would go if someone offered me free trip and all. It is shameful to admit that I have not explored Guiuan yet. I have not seen those beaches, caves and churches. I have not eaten some of its native food yet. I do not know what happened. Really! So it would be Guiuan that is number one in my list of my travel destinations. I think it is the people and memories that keep it very special for me.
            For now I am sharing photos during my recent visit. It was not on my scheduled iterinary but you know what they say the unexpected will always be remembered and fun.
            We went to a wedding of one of our distant cousin. It was a civil wedding so we there were no wedding traditions to expect. Aside from the food, dancing will never be lost. Dancing, yes dancing! Guiuan is known for its very colorful culture and I take pride saying that Kuratsa, Amenudo, Bahal na Tuba, Hi Ana, and others are Guiuananons forte. Music like this is always present in every occasion. And that day was no exception.
            If ever you find yourself in places like Samar and Leyte, and you were attending a wedding or a fiesta celebration be a sport and enjoy the dance. Just like what I did. J Here’s how it goes: 1. The host or whoever will announce that the dance floor is open and so on. 2. The gentleman will therefore take their partner or they could ask anyone (by anyone I am talking about us ladies) like a gentleman they are they would ask, “Can I have this dance”, and if they really want to they would ask the host or someone they know to introduce them to you.
            The dance is easy for those who have been dancing                                    Kuratsa ever since. But for starters like me it help that your partner is not showing off and that he is guiding you all through it. Kuratsa involves some basic footwork and some hand movements. See how I enjoyed myself? I manage to survive.
            Notice my dress? Please you have to excuse my fashion preference. J J J I had been a fan of the color black back then. It has not occurred to me that wearing black to a wedding is not suitable. Nonetheless, no one dragged me out the whole event. So I am guessing no one cared about that tradition.
            I miss Guiuan! I hope I’d come home soon.

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