15 March 2015



  Yesterday at Cornerstone it felt like it was Finals. Some of the tutees who were absent during the evaluation are taking the test. The others were in the other room practicing some dance that was being choreographed by the Youth For Christ (YFC). There were no group sessions or individual discussions.

There were two cameras functioning that day. Look closely at the back :)

            Yesterday was like an organized chaos. Even the tutees felt it. We are all rushing to finish all the tasks that needed to be finished. Because next Saturday would be the Moving Up Program. It is like a graduation. On that day the most improved tutees will be recognized. So that would like seeing the physical evidence or result of coming to Cornerstone every Saturday.

            We did a practice for the presentation of the tutees for next Saturday. They are going to read “The Little Red Hen” as a group. I am excited on what is going to happen. After lunch we goof around the camera. J Oh, I almost forget I am supposed to make a costume for the little red hen since my team will be doing that character. Any idea how?
I have taken many photos during the practice but I have decided to upload only this one so it would be a surprise.
Our titas from Couples For Christ are preparing lunch. 

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