04 March 2015


 Say the magic words. Even your pet know how.

            When I was a kid I always heard abracadabra whenever other kids pretend that they were a magician. The game would not be complete if they did not say it. It was fun! Abracadabra is the magic word for those who know and practice magic tricks. But in our everyday normal life it is not the magic word.

            In fact there are three magic words and they are: 1. Thank you, 2. Please, and 3. Sorry. Aren’t they all familiar? These words are all easy to pronounce and yet we have been hesitant to say them or might have forgotten there magic. Believe me when I say that these three magic words have an effect to a person’s happiness.
            I have decided to include this in Project Happiness’ Volume after we have discussed this in one of our household teachings in Singles For Christ.
            So if you could please remember to say the magic words we could be happier. You will be happy.  First, thank God for your life. Check your pulse if you are still not convinced. I will leave the next acts to you but make sure to mean everything you said. Be sincere in your apologies and do not abuse magic word please. Even the animals have their way of being grateful.

            That would be all. Thank you for taking time to read this series of Project Happiness. Your opinion is always welcome here.  Please comment below. J
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