24 March 2015


                How are you holding up? I hope you are doing fine and surviving this day. Today I am going to share a list of how we can be less worried and be happy. Incidentally I have proven them to be true based on what I have experience in my recent life activities.

1.      Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. This quote from Janis Joplin somewhat confuses me but when I think more about it I get what her intention is. In simpler words, believe in yourself. Other people are present in your life just to guide you and to give you some conflicting choices. In the end of the day it is you who will decide what is best for you and what really is your worth.
2.      Always have a back-up plan. This does not sound positive at all. But hey, you have to accept that sometime our original plan do not work exactly on how we want it. Like, when I was doing the costume for the Little Red Hen for the Moving Up in Cornerstone the first one did not turn out okay. Good thing I have researched three designs so I am confident that I can make the costumes right on time.
3.      Keep a list of things that make you happy. List your happy things. List the happy moments and people that you give value. The objective of the list is to keep you focus on the happy thoughts not to dwell on sad moments. In doing the list please be honest with yourself. Do not put watching basketball games with my boyfriend if does not really make you happy. Okay?
4.      Smile. Lift that corner of your lips. Do it now. You will feel magic. That is instant happiness.
5.      Trust that God loves you no matter what. I do have nothing else to say than to affirm that there is someone up there who will always be at your side and will make you happy no matter what is your religion.

Be happy!

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