21 April 2015


            I had the sudden urge to write you after hearing the good news today. You are now a daddy. I am happy for you! I know that you would be a great father. I know that you were afraid that you might end up like your father. There is a possibility that you might act and discipline your child the way your father did which you hated the most. You have to accept and stop worrying.

            Ace, my dear friend, at least now you would understand how a parent would do to protect his child. I bet you are listing 20 or more qualities of a guy your girl should date. We have discussed this the last time we met. It is early for that. Okay?
            You will have fun for sure. Diapers, milk, and lots of sleepless night. Ooops, I’m just kidding. Come on, I know that you really wanted this. I am sure that you have prepared yourself of what to come.
            Treasure every second of it – fatherhood. Remember that nothing beats the first time of everything. The first time that she will walk, the first word, the first bath, the first time that she will eat solid food, and lots of first worth documenting.
            Whatever problems you will encounter in the future and you feel shy asking your mother I am right here. I’d be willing to rely all of your worries to Tita Faye. If you need a break, just a minute break, the gang is always ready to babysit while you and your wife go on a dinner date.
            I’m ending this now before I say cheesy words. You and your family are always in my prayers.

Photo credit: Unsplash *Names are fictitious any similarities are purely coincidental.

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