27 April 2015



 I find it difficult to put into words the definition of a mother. I, as a daughter, have an ultimate respect, love and faith with my mother and to every mother that I have known my entire life. Part of my life philosophies is influenced by mother, my aunts who helped to raised me, and my ever religious grandmother. Each woman is distinct in their very own manner of speaking and their views of raising a child. But all of them have the same final motto when I become stubborn and all, in which I translated to, “All I want is the best for you. I want to see you happy.”

After giving some time and fixing my thoughts I have put some words to define a mother. I did a little research in a dictionary for actual facts but I felt that its definition is true but not enough.

From now on, if I will be asked to define a mother, I would say that a mother is a woman with a heart, intellect, and soul of her own. A mother, in no doubt, is the bearer of the child. She is a parent of her age and life status. She got instinct that only mothers would understand. Aside from caring her own family, she extends her arm to other people specially close relatives.
A mother’s responsibility is endless. This is where the other known facts of being a mother come in. Like being the light of the entire household. Their roles may differ based on culture and religion but mothers have a common ground, that I believed in, whatever their children has become mothers hold them close to their heart, and want nothing but the best for them.
I know life is difficult. This circumstance affects my opinion of a good mother. I say that she is a good one if she was able to raise her children as God fearing. Also, it is important that she would not lost herself, her own identity in between juggling family duties and her career. She must have a strong heart and soul.
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